Stranger Things 3 came down to one simple thing, one summer can change everything. Coming back bigger, bolder, and incredibly cinematic, Stranger Things 3 social was tasked with introducing the biggest monster yet to our fandom.
With the guidance of my campaign leads, I lead daily social content creation and asset management including the creation of supercuts, memes, and accompanying copy. Additionally, I assisted in the creation of the overall campaign strategy including the creation of voice and content buckets.
*Please contact for more samples of work for Stranger Things 3.
Made at Ralph.
Season 1 Eleven Watches Season 3 NeverEnding Story in Mike's Living Room
Post Copy: eleven is all of us after the 6.62607004 × 10⁻³⁴ m² kg/s time hearing never ending story
Original posts: Instagram, Twitter
Concept, video edit, and copy by me. Design direction by Edzer Roukema.
The Three Moods Meme
Post Copy: the three moods while watching this season
Original posts: Instagram, Twitter
Concept and copy by me. Design Direction by Edzer Roukema.
Mike Wheeler in Various "Not now, mom!" Situations
Post Copy: [mike wheeler intensifies]
Original posts: Instagram, Twitter
Concept, storyboard by me. Copy by Paige Gurski. Video edit by Brendan Cook.
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